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Maharashtra Suvarna Jayanti Nagorothan Maha-Adbhiyan

According to the 2001 Census, the urban population in Maharashtra was 42.4% and is expected to reach around 60% in next 20 years. Maharashtra is one of the most urbanized and fast urbanizing States in the country. It is necessary that the urban areas within the State are developed in a planned manner and the absence of such planned development could lead to problems such as growth of slums, unemployment, poverty, health related problems and crimes. However, if appropriate efforts are made for urban development, cities would develop in a planned manner improving standard of living of the citizens and, with availability of suitable opportunities to the citizens, the Per Capita Income and Gross National Income. Currently, the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) is being implemented by the Central Government for development of urban infrastructure in some cities in the State. The State Government has decided to implement an all inclusive Mission on the lines of JNNURM for planned development of urban areas in the State. The Mission called "Maharashtra Suvarna Jayanti Nagarotthan Maha-Abhiyan" (Golden Jubilee Urban Renewal Mega Mission) is being implemented to meet the long term needs of urban areas and achieve their planned development. The objectives, scope, financial planning and procedure for making available grants and loans for projects etc. are as follows:

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